Anna Sobczak

m o t i v a t i o n

Architecture is a social expression, which should be an answer to cultural identity and to the needs behind local habits, lifestyles, values and traditions. I regard architecture and urban planning as a mirror of society carrying great responsibility in receiving, understanding, processing and giving social impulses. Furthermore an intelligent planning should be aware of the great impact it has and the contributions it can give to a sustainable human development on macro and micro level.

The fluid link between architecture and town, building culture and tradition finds its major expression in human settlements. Their development gives me the most satisfaction as housing concerns everyone of us.

In my designs I am guided by the will to create socially and environmentally sustainable architecture and towns using appropriate building methods. The respect for local culture and traditions is an ideal and my guiding principle. Building in context is essential for any sustainable development. Any design will be neglected if it’s not in harmony with its surroundings and the resident’s needs.

e x p e r i e n c e

2019-now Programme Management Officer for Slum Upgrading at United Nations Human Settlements Programme

2016-2019 Technical Advisor for Infrastructure Development at KfW German Development Bank

2010-2015 Project Manager for Settlement development for IDPs and urban development projects in Mogadishu at United Nations Human Settlements Programme Somalia

2009 Architect at Planquadrat Architects, Germany

2008 Consultant for Master plan development for condominium housing settlement in Addis Ababa at GIZis, Ethiopia

2007 Assistant Architect for Master planning for universities at GIZis, Ethiopia

2006 Assistant Architect at Archigroup Architects, Cairo, Egypt

2004 - 2007 Assistant Architect at FWA Architects, Germany

e d u c a t i o n

2007 Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany - Dipl.-Ing. in Architecture (MA) with specialization in settlement planning and urban development

2007 Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Germany - Certification in International Development

2005 University of Aleppo, Syria - Certification in oriental studies in the area of urban development and middle east politics

s k i l l s

Fluent in English, Polish, German - Advanced French - Basic Arabic

AutoCAD, Allplan, Vectorworks, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

Layout, Photography

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